GUN POWDERS FOR SALE Smokeless Powders Firearms World carries the widest selection of reloading smokeless powders! Our vast selection includes every type of smokeless powder; whatever cartridge you are reloading, Firearms World has powder for you! Shop gun powder for reloading at Firearms World! We have smokeless powder for sale from the top brands! We have a low HazMat fee and shipping fee. explosives that are compositions designed to burn rapidly and intensely (i.e., some fireworks content, black powder, and smokeless powders) are called: smokeless powders. Firearms World has 72 Powder In Stock from Top Brands

Smokeless Powder for Sale| Reloading Gun PowderSmokeless GUN POWDERS in stock

Firearms offers a variety reloading powders in container sizes from 1 pound to 8 pounds. Shop smokeless powder for sale by quantity, type, or brand here. Shop for powder at Defender Ammunition. We have reloading powder by top brands including Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR and many more. Propellant · Lovex S020 Gun Powder – 500g · Alliant Unique Smokeless Powder – 454g · Lovex S065 Gun Powder – 500g · Somchem S365 Gun Powder – 500g.

Buy powder online from Firearms World. We have a wide selection of powders for all your reloading needs. Reloading powder (smokeless powder) is available in a wide variety of types, each designed for specific uses. A reloading manual will list what type of powder should be used in any given load. Makers like IMR, Hodgdon, Nobel Sport, Alliant powder and Accurate powder produce powders suitable for any type of reloading. Buy Gun Powders on-line or visit us in store at our Staffordshire based gun shop and find a great range of products and friendly service.
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Smokeless Powder at Firearms world: Your Precision Reloading Partner

At Firearms World, we’re committed to providing reloaders with an extensive selection of the highest quality smokeless powders, tailored to meet the needs of every shooting discipline. Whether refining rounds for precise target shooting, crafting reliable ammunition for hunting, or producing high-performance loads for competitive shooting, our lineup of smokeless powders ensures that every reloader finds exactly what they need for optimal results.

We Offer Powder for Every Need:

  • Handgun Powders: Our handgun powders are selected for their rapid combustion and ability to build pressure efficiently, ideal for the shorter barrels of handguns. These powders help shooters achieve consistent velocities and outstanding accuracy with every shot.
  • Rifle Powders: For those reloading rifle ammunition, we offer powders with slower burn rates that provide sustained pressure essential for long-barrel accuracy. These powders are perfect for achieving tight groupings at long ranges, making them ideal for hunters and precision shooters alike.
  • Shotshell Powders: Reloading shotshells requires powders that ignite quickly to reliably propel the shot payload. Our selection includes fast-burning powders that ensure consistent performance, whether for clay shooting or hunting.

Featured Smokeless Powder Brands at Firearms World:

  • Hodgdon: A legend in the reloading field, Hodgdon offers a range of powders that cater to a wide variety of calibers and reloading preferences.
  • Alliant: Known for their innovative and clean-burning powders, Alliant provides reloaders with high-quality options that enhance shooting accuracy and consistency.
  • Accurate: True to its name, Accurate provides smokeless powders designed for precise, reliable, and consistent results, catering to both handguns and rifles.
  • IMR: With a heritage of quality, IMR powders are renowned for their excellent performance, particularly in rifle calibers, delivering dependable and consistent results.
  • Winchester: Winchester continues its tradition of excellence by offering a variety of smokeless powders known for their reliability and performance across multiple firearm platforms.
  • Vihtavuori: Favored by competitive shooters worldwide, Vihtavuori is celebrated for producing some of the most consistent and reliable powders available, suitable for precision reloading.
  • Shooter’s World: Catering to a wide range of needs, Shooter’s World powders are engineered for specific applications, offering both versatility and specialized performance.

Safety First!

Reloading with smokeless powder requires attention to detail and strict adherence to safety guidelines. Always consult a reputable, up-to-date reloading manual and follow manufacturer recommendations to ensure safety and achieve the best results. Remember, the right powder can make all the difference in the performance of your reloaded ammunition.

Smokeless Powder at Firearms World

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smokeless Powder

Please note: the information here is intended for introductory purposes only. We encourage you to reach out to a trained gunsmith or firearms expert in your area who can teach you the reloading basics person-to-person. Remember, as with all things related to shooting sports, safety ALWAYS comes first.

1. What is smokeless powder, and how is it different from black powder?

Smokeless powder is a modern firearm propellant that is much more efficient and cleaner burning than traditional black powder. Unlike black powder, which produces a large amount of smoke and residue, smokeless powder produces significantly less smoke and leaves less fouling inside the firearm’s barrel. This makes it more suitable for modern firearms, providing higher velocities and more consistent performance.

2. Can smokeless powder be used in any firearm?

No, smokeless powder should only be used in firearms that are specifically designed for it. Using smokeless powder in a firearm designed for black powder can be extremely dangerous, as the higher pressures generated by smokeless powder can cause severe damage to the firearm and potentially injure the shooter. Always consult your firearm’s manufacturer or a reliable reloading manual to determine the appropriate type of powder for your gun.

3. Are there different types of smokeless powder, and how do I choose the right one?

Yes, there are several types of smokeless powder, primarily categorized by burn rate, which affects how quickly the powder ignites and how it performs under various pressures. The main types include fast-burning powders typically used for handguns and shotguns, and slow-burning powders used for rifles. Choosing the right smokeless powder depends on the type of firearm, the bullet weight, and the desired shooting application. It’s crucial to refer to updated reloading manuals that provide specific recommendations and load data for safe and effective use.

4. How should I store smokeless powder to ensure it stays stable and effective?

Smokeless powder should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat sources and direct sunlight. The original manufacturer’s container is designed to protect the powder from moisture and temperature fluctuations. Ensure the container is tightly sealed when not in use. Proper storage helps maintain the powder’s stability and performance over time.

5. What safety precautions should I take when handling and using smokeless powder?

Safety is paramount when handling any type of explosive material, including smokeless powder. Always work in a well-ventilated area free from open flames or sparks. Wear safety glasses and gloves to protect against accidental ignition. Keep smokeless powder away from children and never smoke while handling or loading powder. Always follow the specific load data from reputable reloading manuals and never exceed the recommended amounts. Proper handling and adherence to safety guidelines help prevent accidents and ensure a safe reloading experience.


Frequently Asked Questions What is smokeless reloading powder, and how does it differ from black powder? Smokeless reloading powder is a modern propellant used in ammunition reloading. It produces minimal smoke upon firing, unlike black powder, which generates significant smoke and is primarily used in historical firearms. How does smokeless reloading powder work in ammunition? What are the advantages of using smokeless reloading powder? What factors should I consider when selecting smokeless reloading powder? Are there different types or formulations of smokeless reloading powder? Can I mix different brands or types of smokeless reloading powders in my loads? How should I store smokeless reloading powder safely?