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The highly anticipated 2021 SHOT Show is here, but things are going to be vastly different this time around due to the global pandemic. Instead of taking place at a particular destination, with loads of visitors, this year’s SHOT Show is all digital. Sure, this year’s event is a departure from the previous shows, but it promises to be equally entertaining, with a decent amount of spectacular product releases on display. Let’s check out some of the most promising releases so far.

SHOT Show 2021 New Releases

Here are 10 of the most interesting releases we’ve seen during this year’s SHOT Show:

Keltec P50


Ready for its mission to Mars, the Keltec P50 is a futuristic pistol chambered in 5.7x28mm.

The P50 pistol by Keltec Weapons has some tremendous features that put many pistols to shame. With two magazines (50-rounds), this 5.7mm chambered handgun will surely stand out at the gun range. Its dual QD mounts and Picatinny-style rails offer a lot of room for accessories, giving users plenty of options on how to run this space-age pistol.

The P50s 5.7x28mm cartridge is available in numerous bullet types, ranging from personal defense to hunting and sporting. This ensures that the P50 pistol is quite versatile, as it can come in handy for hunters, sports shooters, and intergalactic security details across the universe. With excellent firepower and a double-stacked magazine, this pistol has already taken SHOT Show 2021 by storm.

FN 509 Compact Pistol


The FN 509 measures in at 6.8 inches, weighs 25.5 ounces and accepts up to 15-round magazines.

FN continues to expand its already vast pistol line, offering more concealed carry firearm options in the market. Its latest pistol, the FN 509 is sure to grab every concealed-carry enthusiast’s attention at Shot Show. This compact pistol comes in flat dark earth and black and offers up to fifteen round magazines, which is tremendous for a gun as compact as this one.

The FN 509 pistol has a barrel of 3.7 inches and an overall length of around 6.8 inches. You will especially like this gun if you want a pint-sized concealed carry option with excellent grips. FN also offers model FN 509 MRD which offers options for optic mounting systems, adding an optic-ready product in the FN 509 line.

Magpul FDP 9/ FDC 9


t’s real. Magpul announced the FDP 9 folding pistol in partnership with Zev Technologies.

During SHOT Show 2008, Magpul showed a folding gun concept that was heavily inspired by Glock. It took a full-size pistol and “unfolded” it into an easy-to-handle short-barreled carbine. This large-frame pistol concept provided the user with better accuracy than using traditional handguns. It also had a great storage feature that made the gun fold itself back into a carry case. However, for more than a decade, it was only a pre-production concept.

ZEV Technologies, already known for their custom Glock-style pistols, (like the OZ9 pistol) collaborated with Magpul on the new designs. This collaboration with ZEV made the folding pistol concept a reality.  Magpul blended the FDP chassis with the mechanical system of the 0Z9 after acquiring the necessary legal approval.

This collaboration resulted in two tremendous new guns, namely: FDP 9 (Folding Defensive Pistol) and the FDC 9 (Folding Defensive Carbine). Both of these options will come chambered in 9x19mm. Expect to see these guns for sale sometime later in 2021.



Shhh! The B&T VP9 is a 9mm suppressed pistol with less than 125 dB when fired.

The VP9 manual bolt action pistol has an integrated suppressor and a ported barrel, making it arguably the most silent 9mm pistol on the market. B&T manufactured this pistol after receiving requests from Swiss vets who required a method to dispatch injured or sick animals without disturbing residents or other animals in the area. Short for Veterinary pistol, the VP9 is chambered in 9x19mm, with enough power to dispatch large animals without the risk of over-penetration or ricochet.

Savage Arms (Straight-Pull) IMPULSE Rifle

Savage Arms (Straight-Pull) IMPULSE Rifle

It’s not a bolt-action, it’s a straight-pull, introducing the Savage Arms Impulse Rifle.

The Impulse is a straight-pull rifle, to advance the next round into the chamber, you pull the bolt straight back and release it. Savage claims this design provides lightning-fast speed, accuracy, and a natural feel for the user. Savage engineered the Impulse to meet the high demands of American rifle owners. This gun blends the accuracy and confidence of a regular bolt-action with the speed of a semi-automatic. The quickness of the bolt movement helps with quick follow up shots and consistent accuracy on targets.

The Impulse rifle is available in 3 models known, Predator, BIG Game, and the Hunter. Each model features the straight-pull charging action for increased handling, and speed. The straight-pull rifle concept has been around since the late 1800s, we’ll be curious to see what improvements Savage made to it with their new Impulse model line.

Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rifle


The Springfield Model 2020 is a slick premium-grade rifle available in a variety of popular hunting calibers.

Springfield Armory’s Model 2020 has been announced for SHOT Show 2021. Developed in the United States, the Model 2020 delivers the performance and accuracy you would expect from a premium-grade rifle. This model features high-grade carbon fiber along with an option of carbon or steel fiber barrels. Springfield Armory used premium materials to manufacture this new line and designed it to meet the requirements of both modern and old school bolt-action enthusiasts.

The rifle’s fluted bolt has dual locking lugs that smoothly run down EDM raceways to offer perfect, consistent engagement. Plus, with the inclusion of the optimized extraction cam, the Model 2020 provides reliable and robust extraction no matter what the conditions are. The fluted barrel is match-grade and is roll-wrapped with carbon fiber and features a removable SA Radial muzzle brake. In addition, this gun’s bolt has dual cocking cams that add convenience in operation and disassembly.

Winchester 6.8 Western

Winchester 6.8 Western

The powerful 6.8 Western cartridges will be produced by both Winchester and Browning.

We didn’t expect to see a new rifle cartridge from a Winchester, but 2021 continues to be a year full of surprises. Since its announcement in early January, the 6.8 Western cartridges has been a highly anticipated release for this year. The new cartridge is being loaded by both Browning and Winchester and is being hailed as the ultimate big game cartridge. It does have tremendous knockdown power, Winchester also claims the 6.8 Western has impressively low recoil and excellent long-range accuracy. We’ll be looking forward to reviewing it once we have it in-stock.

Winchester USA Ready Defense

Winchester USA Ready Defense

Winchester USA Ready Defense will be available in 9mm +P, 40 S&W, and .45 ACP calibers.

We get excited anytime a new self-defense cartridge hits the market. According to Winchester, this self-defense ammo uses Hex vent technology and offers a superb blend of stopping power, expansion, and penetration. This product offers excellent bullet expansion by channeling material flow outward on impact. In addition, the match-grade primer is highly reliable as it is built according to the exact specifications required by gun enthusiasts.



vortex spark solar red dot optic

The SPARC SOLAR offers an impressive battery life of around 150,000 hours. That’s if you need to use the batteries at all. It uses the highly acclaimed Auto D Tec solar technology and switches to your battery only if the sun isn’t available. The red dot features 10 daytime illumination settings, 2 night time, and 2-night vision options. SPARC SOLAR uses excellent optical glass to deliver a precise point of aim with a 2 MOA dot size. The red dot is a function also motion activation capable which is great for things that go bump in the night.

ATN 4K Pro X Sight

ATN 4K Pro X Sight

A scope that does it all? The ATN 4K Pro X includes a ton of modern features at a price well under $1,000.

Hear me out. I’m not saying that the ATN 4K Pro X is a great optic. I haven’t actually ever seen one in the wild. What I’m saying is that it’s an optic that gives the user a lot of convenient modern features. Sure, you can bring a camera to capture hunting footage, but that’s extra gear you have to drag around with you on a hunt. This is where the ATN 4K pro will prove to be a handy companion as it is fully capable of capturing your epic moments in full HD video.

The scope is a 5X20 zoomable optic with a built-in night vision mode. It has a “one-shot” zero setting for calibration, it also has a ballistic calculator and smart MIL dot reticle technology. It also features ATN radar options for GPS tagging. It’s powered by an ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core processor and claims to have an 18-hour battery life per charge.

The ATN 4K Pro X has blue-tooth and wifi capabilities. It allows you to connect your optic to a phone, tablet, or smart device to see your shot. This product also has a recoil activated stabilization feature, ensuring it records your shots in complete detail. It’s hard to imagine the major players in the firearm optics category not incorporating this same technology into their products in the future.

Final Thoughts: SHOT Show 2021

Despite being an all-digital event this year, NSSF Shot Show promises to be another great one. The industry continues to grow and innovate and a rapid pace. New products are still being announced on a daily basis throughout the month. Keep a lookout for the products discussed in this piece, and remember to check back with us for new products and future reviews.


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